is proud to offer directories for many cities in the USA. With categories that make it easy to search your local urban, metro and suburban market, City11 sites offer the web site publisher and the site visitors an open market exchange.

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Our listing standards are based on the "Good Web Neighbor Policy" 

Here are the rules from Web Site Standards

We try to include all sites that are of value to Chicago, Chicagoland and Illinois residents and visitors.
The sites we include should be about Chicago, Chicagoland, or Illinois businesses, services, arts, entertainment and organizations.
We do not list national sites except when they are of particular importance to Chicago.
We also never include sites that are affiliate sites for national businesses.
We recommend the site title and description refer to your business or organizational name, and not be generic or overly search engine friendly.
Attempts to use as part of link exchange marketing schemes are not welcome. Third party marketers who are being paid to enhance search engine positions are advised not to suggest sites to us, but are welcome to enlighten their customers to suggest the sites themselves.
Any site that violates the principles of a good web site neighbor will be excluded, rejected and de-listed from Sites that promote hatred, intolerance, pornography, or illegal activities of any kind are not welcome. Use of hidden text, keyword stuffing, redirects, url forwarding and other tools of the search engine optimization trade will be grounds for removal or rejection.
We want to be a great directory, and by including great sites we think we can reach our goal.
Please consider all the above before you suggest your site. Thank you.

We hope you find our sites to be good resources for you as a web visitor, publisher and good web neighbor. New features and categories are often tested on different City11 sites before they are launched across the network. Certain categories are site specific. We always welcome suggestions. Please write to us at Sites @ . Please note that we never use Sites@ as a return email address and spammers are likely to spoof that address in an attempt to attract attention. Further we never include attachments, and hereby warn all web users against opening all attachments unless cleared first by a secure anti-virus program.

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